Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pizza-SEO must learn from the best or die

Sometimes people who enjoy writing do not get to write quite enough. That has certainly been my case at Pizza SEO. My academic education and professional career went from writing tons of essays through writing news agency articles on a daily basis to writing policy papers. I enjoyed writing and occasionally even received recognition from my peers for writing well.

At Pizza SEO there is less writing (and it shows). I have written templates but that's always a one off and obviously I write emails daily. But I don't blog nearly as often as would be useful in terms of generating fresh, relevant content for our readers (not to mention the search engine spiders).

This is about to change, I have made a decision (or rather was forced into one by the circumstances) to write more. Ideally daily, perhaps at least every other day. It should be good psychohygienically and will hopefully get me back into a writing habit.

Now while this post adds little value to our esteemed reader, there are next to none at the moment. In terms of creating a favorable landscape for reclaiming Pizza SEO's well deserved SERPs.
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