Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pizza prank video for Pizza Hut making the viral rounds

A viral video by Mediocre Films for Zadby for Pizza Hut: two guys go around getting kicked out from pizza parlours for getting pizza delivered there.

Zadby seems to have a great concept: it posts a Commission ($8,000 from Pizza Hut in this case) and lets producers on the site compete for it. Mediocre Films picked up this one and may be getting more dough if Pizza Hut decides to distribute the video on its own site.

I don't particularly like the video because it's simply based on someone being rude to unsuspecting business owners (unless, of course it's staged, which it could be given the camera work) but I love the Zadby concept and I think it's a great mechanism for getting videos produced efficiently.

Anyone know where this ties into the Pizza Hut brand?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Papa John's Gets Killer ROI With Free Pizza Offer

The chain ran an image ad on the Google PPC system offering a free medium cheese pizza for people who register to get their emails.

You may be surprised to hear the promotion "worked" - Papa John's display ads on the Google network resulted in a 15-20% increase in weekend sales.

Earlier, the pizza chain went to 152,000 friends on Facebook from about 10,000 in two days, offering a two-for-one for anyone who befriends them.

Aparently, mobile ads are the next frontier - Papa John's Pizza plans a flash promotion around New Year 2008.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Overjoyed to see Overmortal back in the SERPs

It's not the top spot but ranking as #23 in the search engine results for your own name is much better than being nowhere. Especially if you are a company that (in its own words)
gets the right search placement for your business.
It seems the main problem was with botched (or missing) redirects - the content of was identical to

Any "blackhat" SEO patron could tell you that, even the "whitehats" know: Duplicate content can hurt your search engine positions. If you have identical content on several domains or several pages, make sure to redirect or nofollow appropriately.

A good SEO consultant can help you make sure a domain change or URL structure change won't make your site disappear from the search engine results. This does not involve the creation of any useful new content yet generates genuine value for companies.

P.S. Our offer of a free effective web audit for Overmortal still holds. Even with the redirect from to in place we believe you would find our report valuable (we go beyond SEO, making actionable recommendations on website usability and accessibility).
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