Friday, October 24, 2008

Pizza Downtown Los Angeles

Is Pizza downtown Los Angeles a competitive search term? As of today there are A-J local businesses, three reviews sites (Yelp last among them), and the bragging rights for the first individual company of course go to the (do make sure to click through to their site to listen to an instrumental version of the musical favourite New York - New York). With a slice starting from $2.25 there is no surprise this site is so popular, right guys at, the hawkers of Ecommerce tutorials and Salutants of the New Millennium (tm).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Pizza SEO over the overmortal legacy?

Overmortal Asks Clients to Email them at
Let us just say that we appreciate when people like overmortal write about Pizza SEO because their writing is what? Overmortal? Inspirative? Clever?

It's flattering to make out Pizza SEO as an evil corporation. With a few employees (most of them part time) and an average age of almost 26 we spearhead the SEO illuminati - big budgets, LCDs in every room, Christmas parties where Dom Perignon flows freely. We're not saying we're blackhat but life ideed was sweet.

Then some hick comes along, writes 40 blog posts on five blogs in eight months, and wow, there's a proof of concept like no other - in just under a month, you can steal the top position from a major corporation, right? Because, as Overmortal so eloquently puts it: "a company purporting to be an “expert” in search engine optimization ought to “own” their own company name in the rankings. And when you turn your SEO over to a consulting company, you do not just trust them with your optimization goals, but you also trust them with your company name, branding and recognition – and that’s important."

What is the legacy of Overmortal? Let's just say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

And since these wonderful people are not sure who the real Pizza SEO is, let us give them a bit of free advice in the area in usability, our second area of expertise: please guys, if you want prospects to contact you, change the address in your Contact the Techie box from to It will work better, I swear. After all, this Pizza SEO was founded to be a problem solving company for those in need.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Ox and the Frog

This is an old children's tale - originally Aesop's fable - but as with many, the morale still holds in today's meme-packed world. The tale is particularly poignant in the Pizza SEO multiplication situation.

The frog them tried to inflate itself to be as large as the ox and burst. In our case the frog is in the inflating phase.
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