Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pizza prank video for Pizza Hut making the viral rounds

A viral video by Mediocre Films for Zadby for Pizza Hut: two guys go around getting kicked out from pizza parlours for getting pizza delivered there.

Zadby seems to have a great concept: it posts a Commission ($8,000 from Pizza Hut in this case) and lets producers on the site compete for it. Mediocre Films picked up this one and may be getting more dough if Pizza Hut decides to distribute the video on its own site.

I don't particularly like the video because it's simply based on someone being rude to unsuspecting business owners (unless, of course it's staged, which it could be given the camera work) but I love the Zadby concept and I think it's a great mechanism for getting videos produced efficiently.

Anyone know where this ties into the Pizza Hut brand?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Papa John's Gets Killer ROI With Free Pizza Offer

The chain ran an image ad on the Google PPC system offering a free medium cheese pizza for people who register to get their emails.

You may be surprised to hear the promotion "worked" - Papa John's display ads on the Google network resulted in a 15-20% increase in weekend sales.

Earlier, the pizza chain went to 152,000 friends on Facebook from about 10,000 in two days, offering a two-for-one for anyone who befriends them.

Aparently, mobile ads are the next frontier - Papa John's Pizza plans a flash promotion around New Year 2008.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Overjoyed to see Overmortal back in the SERPs

It's not the top spot but ranking as #23 in the search engine results for your own name is much better than being nowhere. Especially if you are a company that (in its own words)
gets the right search placement for your business.
It seems the main problem was with botched (or missing) redirects - the content of was identical to

Any "blackhat" SEO patron could tell you that, even the "whitehats" know: Duplicate content can hurt your search engine positions. If you have identical content on several domains or several pages, make sure to redirect or nofollow appropriately.

A good SEO consultant can help you make sure a domain change or URL structure change won't make your site disappear from the search engine results. This does not involve the creation of any useful new content yet generates genuine value for companies.

P.S. Our offer of a free effective web audit for Overmortal still holds. Even with the redirect from to in place we believe you would find our report valuable (we go beyond SEO, making actionable recommendations on website usability and accessibility).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Overmortal: an Apology

Wars have collateral damage - civilians get hit by stray bullets and are even sometimes targetted on purpose. But imagine a civilian picking up a gun in the middle of the war and shooting a few rounds at the heavily armed soldiers passing by.

That is kind of what happened to Overmortal here: they took a swipe at Pizza SEO in the middle of the Pizza SEO wars and since Pizza SEOs never pull their punches, Overmortal was hit by a bullet or two.

By no means was it Pizza SEO's intention to take the first spot for searches for Overmortal in just over a month. As of right now though, this pathetic blog hosted on Google's free blogger service ranks first and the actual Overmortal site went MIA.

And no folks, it's not because of Google personalised results (Justin Boland style).

We apologise to Overmortal in all sincerity! Sadly, it seems this is not a proof of our skills but reflection of a problem with the Overmortal website - it does not rank anywhere in the top 10 for its own name (since they are not a SEO company, we should not hold them to too high of a standard - they shouldn't be expected to rank first for their name but they still should probably be in the top 10).

At Pizza SEO we have helped clients in this situation - usually a problem within the site causes Google to de-index or penalize it. Effective Web Audit, our introductory services offering a half day of consulting time, should identify the problem and recommend a fix. In addition it will provide actionable recommendations on on-site and off-site ranking factors, basic usability and accessibility.

We would like to offer Overmortal a free Effective Web Audit (an EUR 350 value) to make up for the damage we have caused. Let us know by email, through the form on our website or in blog comments here, if you would like to take us up on the offer.

Pizza SEO welcomes Justin Boland on board

About time for Justin Boland, the other Pizza SEO to acknowledge that he is neither the ONE, nor one of two, but one of at least three Pizza SEOs (who do not pull their punches).

Indeed, the Slovak usurpers have had to hire additional staff (Andrej Salner) to deal with the onslaught from Justin, a Vermont-based power weirdo. Let us hope Justin's prank does not end up bankrupting the small Slovak SEO company - that would put a premature stop to the international exchange.

It is now clear: there is more to come in the Pizza SEO Wars and it will only get more entertaining.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 for sale through multiforum auction

The importance of domains in search engine marketing has not received the attention it deserves on this blog (for obvious reasons). As an opening into this vast field we offer this piece of domaining intelligence:

The domain PIZZA.INFO has gone on sale on November 24 through a multi-forum auction (see the thread at DNforum).

This domain could be used for a multitude of purposes:
- a directory of pizza restaurants, parlors, delivery services, etc.
- a portal on pizza
- pizza recipes
- a whole another purpose not directly related to Pizza (Pizza SEO?)

In 2001 the domain reportedly sold for $4,010 (via NP) and in April this year it went for EUR 12,000 on Sedo. There is no telling where the auctions ends up now, though the financial crisis may obviously slow the bidding somewhat. recently sold for a sum of $2.6 million, which many commentators considered a steal.

Do all Pizza SEOs engage in meme warfare?

This question has come to us from a loyal reader via Twitter Direct Messaging. She wanted to know whether meme warfare is practiced only by a subset of Pizza SEOs or whether anyone who is a Pizza SEO practices some form of meme warfare by default.

Meme warfare is a form of Search Engine Optimization. It is in fact practiced by many SEO practitioners, including Pizza SEOs, although often under different guises. Usually a SEO may offer services in content creation (copywriting) including link bait, which overlap with aspects of memetic warfare. Viral marketing (although a misnomer) is also based on principles of memetics.

Creating content that spreads or helping the spread of content are forms of both SEO and meme warfare. There is one Pizza SEO specialised in this field, feel free to contact us if you would like to engage her services.

You can join her for a beer and a few slices of pizza and see if she can of of help.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Overmortal Exchange

Why would Pizza SEO bother to indulge with an exchange with the guys at Overmortal on this admittedly non-blog blog?

Overmortal published a post slamming Pizza SEO, a company in Slovakia for losing in "Pizza SEO Wars" to Justin Boland. Although they admit to know nothing about the company, they point out Pizza SEO's supposed incompetence. "...[C]ompany purporting to be an “expert” in search engine optimization ought to “own” their own company name in the rankings."

But Pizza SEO has a case to make. For one Justin Boland is not your average guy with a new Blogger blog. He runs a number of established web properties. He had a lot of time on his hands, he is smart and works hard.

The Overmortal blog post talks about the company but does not bother to link to its website (rather to drive the lesson home they put in three links to Justin). While they feel free to pass judgment they do not allow blog comments, which would have let Pizza SEO respond.

So there just may be a valuable lesson for them to learn here about how it feels for a company minding its own business to come under attack.

What if this Overmortal blog post actually ends up ranking for the Overmortal company name? Unlikely. What if we invest eight months in this little project? Start a blog or two - perhaps, and maybe throw in a Squidoo lense for good measure? Then we could conceivably rank.

Is that gonna hurt Overmortal? Unlikely. But then, like Justin has done, we could just change the content of the post around. How about a fake testimonial? Overmortal really messed up on our project. Someone can post a comment saying they got fired after Overmortal failed to deliver on their promises. That would be a bummer.

Meanwhile, we would be doing this purely in the cavalier-like spirit of the Overmortal Wars. Just to show that Overmortal are losers because they do not post enough interesting content on their website. Or maybe this will stimulate them to start spending time on generating more valuable content instead of their actual client work? They will maybe sleeps a little less peacefully, consider registering a profile on Twitter (oh, wait, they just did that themselves on November 4, after reading our post). They better hurry and do Flickr, Facebook, the whole Wes Unruh list, in fact, just in case we really do take this overboard and turn making Overmortal look ridiculous into an unhealthy obsession.

Hmmm, but that takes up some real resources. Ones that, if they are even available, could be used for client work or some real work like creating meaningful content.

Are we going to do this or take Overmortal's advice and focus on creating meaningful content? Watch this space (or start following us on Twitter) to find out...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Glad to see Overmortal reads more than one Pizza SEO blog

Seems like our friends at Overmortal know good advice when they see it: this Pizza SEO counseled Overmortal to fix the email address on their blog and we are now pleased to notice it has been fixed. People, who wish to engage this skilled expert's services now not to write to but rather to

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pizza Downtown Los Angeles

Is Pizza downtown Los Angeles a competitive search term? As of today there are A-J local businesses, three reviews sites (Yelp last among them), and the bragging rights for the first individual company of course go to the (do make sure to click through to their site to listen to an instrumental version of the musical favourite New York - New York). With a slice starting from $2.25 there is no surprise this site is so popular, right guys at, the hawkers of Ecommerce tutorials and Salutants of the New Millennium (tm).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Pizza SEO over the overmortal legacy?

Overmortal Asks Clients to Email them at
Let us just say that we appreciate when people like overmortal write about Pizza SEO because their writing is what? Overmortal? Inspirative? Clever?

It's flattering to make out Pizza SEO as an evil corporation. With a few employees (most of them part time) and an average age of almost 26 we spearhead the SEO illuminati - big budgets, LCDs in every room, Christmas parties where Dom Perignon flows freely. We're not saying we're blackhat but life ideed was sweet.

Then some hick comes along, writes 40 blog posts on five blogs in eight months, and wow, there's a proof of concept like no other - in just under a month, you can steal the top position from a major corporation, right? Because, as Overmortal so eloquently puts it: "a company purporting to be an “expert” in search engine optimization ought to “own” their own company name in the rankings. And when you turn your SEO over to a consulting company, you do not just trust them with your optimization goals, but you also trust them with your company name, branding and recognition – and that’s important."

What is the legacy of Overmortal? Let's just say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

And since these wonderful people are not sure who the real Pizza SEO is, let us give them a bit of free advice in the area in usability, our second area of expertise: please guys, if you want prospects to contact you, change the address in your Contact the Techie box from to It will work better, I swear. After all, this Pizza SEO was founded to be a problem solving company for those in need.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Ox and the Frog

This is an old children's tale - originally Aesop's fable - but as with many, the morale still holds in today's meme-packed world. The tale is particularly poignant in the Pizza SEO multiplication situation.

The frog them tried to inflate itself to be as large as the ox and burst. In our case the frog is in the inflating phase.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How do you like your advisors?

According to a survey by Russ Alan Prince (not Russalan Prince as I thought he was) quoted on the Wealth Report 81% of rich people (investors worth more then $1 million) plan to take assets away from current advisor and 86% plan to tell others to avoid their advisor.

Hmm, if all these wealthy peoples had picked their advisers right maybe we wouldn't be in the middle (?) of the largest financial mess since the Great Depression.

Or maybe it's a generational thing? With most investors who remembered the Great Depression retired we may have had to live this experience for ourselves to know to avoid irrational exuberance or believe this time it's different in the future.

And maybe, most wealth advisors simply suck, which is why they rarely outperform random walks or ETFs.

No link love for Russ Alan for now as no info on the survey appears on website. Oh, and Pizza SEO has no wealth advisors, it tries to be a reliable advisor to the healthy, welathy and wise itself.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How not to SEO if you are selling Pizza

Biopsy of :en:small bowel showing :en:coeliac ...Image via WikipediaPillsbury of the Dough Boy fame apparently advertises on Adwords. Seems like someone at Pillsbury or an agency used on of the automated keyword tools to generate a list of keyword phrases containing pizza. A little playing around with the dynamic keyword insertion function and voila:
you have an ad for Gluten Free Pizza Crust landing at the Pillsbury Pizza Crust page. The problem of course is that the key ingredient in the pizza crust is wheat flour and that is definitely not free of gluten.
Now if you like SEOMoz member Mike Piper suffer from celiac disease, eating anything with gluten will make you violently ill. Moreover, you will get mighty pissed off if someone's advertising misleads you, getting your hopes up that you have found something you can actually eat.
The lesson, of course, is to insist that your PPC clients prune the auto-generated keyword lists to make sure their ads don't show up for keywords where they could offend and to be double careful if you use dynamic keyword insertion.
Oh and one more thing: memetics is all good and nice but it won't make you a rapper.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasty Pizza of SEO

Tasty pizza full of SEO shit is this stuff we are doing here, man. Pizza SEO is the way to do things. Listen to the music, feel the great taste of this pizza slices and SEO it all over the country.

We are running as fast as we can to stop by later. Then continue, walk, run, stop, drive, bike, whatever, man, this shit is so strong. I can smell it right here, right now. It was supposed to be some Pizza SEO delivery guy, but he didn't show up.

What about those pranks, you've surely seen some, haven't you? Yes, I mean, YouTube, right? Is Youtube full of pizzas? Or was that a Chinese restaurant call prank? Right, it was. But definitely, they should also feast over some pizzas, while we are at it. Add some SEO to that pizza stuff and you got pizza seo toppings.

Sheeet, this is just plain silly, huh? But plain pizza dough is called either pizza bread or if you add the sauce, you got Margherita there.

The more you post, the better you rank

The secret is out... Until now only guys at the several Pizza SEOs knew that the more you post the better you rank. Now Technorati (the guys that ratify technology) reveal this nugget of wisdom in their report on the state of the blogosphere. My prediction: before you know it there will be peoples all over the internets posting shitloads of useful stuff not realizing the content is all out there already but it poorly distributed only is.

Now listed to me you should. TRY NOT, DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY. About the right questions think you must, organizate them in ways fit for a noble and brave man and link them to all useful and relevant sets of data.

Easy, huh? Now go start ratifying something!

Pizza SEO and cheap tricks

The short drive more search engine optimizers in the "SEO" abbrevation. We use a lot of internet slang and Pizza SEO seem to be complex, especially apokryfo - technician. That 's all. 62% of search engine optimization than just writing a good rally. The area you must be well planned and well written - otherwise no amount of laps will help. You think you're not a reasonable physical ability or something to that most of us do not ever teach you.

In SEO terms, is called "Navigation", which means the development of simple and useful. Educational programs an application is so popular with the qualifications and marketing Pizza SEO Internet is the steep learning curve. The region-building to thwart the advance shit! Take mataiomenos stop and probably at least a few times, this is normal. The other 3% Pizza SEO, which didn't I section, however specifying the knowledge that you can learn from the test SEOmoz.

That 's who are interested and very valuable items, but also important as your own code and happy. Every month we 're competition against "people Pizza SEO Optimized"; standards and each month we' re whumping crap from peat. The Internet has too much information. The real value is in applications to organize and link them with all data sets useful and appropriate. Make multiple slots, and remember that you can 't have the producers of books: the collection is already out there, just poorly distributed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SEO, pizza and hypercompetition

You are a writer publicity SEO, jusqu' so that you are ready to accept that the serious projectile hypercompetitive of the key words such as " référencement" , " pizza" and " Britney Spears". If quelqu' one can to you a snowball the largest SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, is without relevance. The fact is that your task is d' to write copy May being stored on SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears. You can connect all your key words hypercompetitive on this list, the rules remain the same ones: jusqu' with a serious attempt to handle the results of a search on the copy most adapted for hyperompetitive as long as key words, SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, are not qualified to express an opinion on a professional level, where That can be made.

Qu' this is which distinguishes the true search engine optimization baiters on the bond and bond manufacturers - people who are too afraid with true Optimization Search Engine, because really do not know - is qu' it will not support a challenge not only because the key words are hypercompetitive. These bonds are always something to see with the search engines. Has only 1/3 years, after which you will need. A copy of this document is of 1/2 of what you will have need (yes, yes, a copy is much more important than the references to the Optimization Search Engine). The others 1/6 of what you have need for Optimization Search Engine is a strategy of SEO. If your strategy is d' to write such an irresistible copy that all the countries are on your " SEO, pizza pie, and of Britney Spears' afterwards, you do not lay out d' a strategy of SEO.

It s' d' acts; a strategy aiming at binding to the beginning and the beginning of l' year under review is d' to optimize search engine. If your strategy is to build thousands of bonds to turn over to their functions to l' text " anchors; SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, " You do not lay out d' a strategy of SEO. It s' d' acts; a strategy for l' establishment of bonds and the bonds, the building is Optimization Search Engine.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Description of Pizza

Pizza is one of the most versatile products available. This can be healthy as you want, or as unhealthy. This is one of the most popular topics in any restaurant menu, and there are restaurants that offer it, but nothing.

Pizza offers a wide selection of food pyramid. You will get your dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fats, and even fruit. Not to mention the right nutrients.

Ways to make pizza healthy is easy. Make it at home is the best and cheapest way.

Cake and bread

When it comes to the choice of flour dough, which is healthy. You can choose whole wheat flour, or even replace some conventional for the whole wheat flour. This will allow you to get the right vitamins and minerals from their bread to serve.


When you decide to use tomato paste, go to the past instead. Tomatoes are usually too much sodium, 50/50, and go with pasta and water will dramatically reduce the salt content.

You do not have to use the tomato paste, although it may be perfectly healthy. You can use anything with a sauce with other vegetables in Alfredo sauce.

But what about Pizza SEO? Can those guys make a good pizza? I have ventured to find out. What does Pizza SEO use as toppings?


Whole milk cheese is not the only option, as well as mozzarella cheese. You can use any cheese you like. Remember melting cheese you choose. Some cheese may not melt, and not very good pizza.

There are so many different kinds of cheese there, there is no reason why you can not select a sound for


It is fun when starting and health. Doliwa of pizza can be anything you want or need.

There are many kinds of vegetables that can be used. Spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, green peppers, onions, the possibilities are endless.

Food is another opportunity there. You can add anything from ham and pepperoni in the calf.

You can even add fruit. Pineapple is a common, but you can add anything they want, or what he will do good pizza.

The possibilities are endless for healthy eating. But again, I could go differently. Make sure you add items to be healthy. If he is not healthy, what you want, you can add something that tickles your imagination, that might mean for your overall health.

Moderation is the key to everything. Even a healthy majority of cases can be unhealthy if you eat too much about it. Moderation and variety are the keys to a healthy diet. More than doing something can be hazardous to your health.

Pizza / Pizzeria and SEO

Pizza (pronounced / pi ː tsə / listen to (help info), in Italian: [ 'pit.tsa]) is a popular dish, baked in the oven is flat, usually round bread, which is covered with tomatoes or tomato-based sauce and mozzarella. Other Decorative bandages, which has been added to the regional, cultural or personal preferences.

As part of the original Italian cuisine, the dish became popular in many different parts of the world. A supermarket or a restaurant, which manufactures and sells pizza, is called the "pizzeria". The term "Pizza Parlor" is also used in the United States. The term there is a dialectical pizza and cake is used for simplicity in certain contexts, such as between employees pizzeria.

And it continues on and on and that is when Pizza SEO comes to the game.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

RECIPE - Pizza with stoplight peppers and champignons ragout

Il pizzaioloImage by Gruppo di lavoro "Il presepe napoletano" via FlickrI will be the first to admit this: it is not original of Pizza-SEO to publish pizza recipes. But still, some people may find them useful.

This recipe comes from my near-vegetarian period in the USA.

I used a ready made pizza crust.

I made the sauce from scratch as follows:
brown finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil, add cooked and peeled tomatos, reduce, flavor with freshly ground black pepper, dried oregano. No salt necessary.

I would top the pizza with a ragout of stop light peppers (three peppers sold in a pack, one green, one yellow, guess the color of the third in comments for a valuable price) and champignons. The ragout was made by roasting the peppers in the oven, peeling and lightly frying with small sliced canned champignons (the cheapest kind imported from China worked) in olive oil.

Top with mozarella a bit into baking so the the cheese does not burn before the crust is crispy (that's how I like my crust).
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Is the USP dead?

PG tips promotional monkey.Image via WikipediaPaul Fedwick explodes the message myth - arguing that the "message transition" model of how advertising works does not apply to most commercials. Successful ads must communicate, using a 1960's axiom by psychoterapist Paul Watzlawick through 'analogue' as well as 'digital'. Digital is about information that can be digitalized without any loss. Anlogue is "visual, audible, gestural or tactile and the power of an image, or a poem or a story or a hug or a piece of music".

Fedwick shows how many powerful ads do not communicate any meaningful or strong message but capture the emotions of recipients. He therefore argues we should lose a focus on Unique Selling Proposition and start focusing on associations and relationships.

I have a feeling that the optimal approach may not be an either/or. Rather, different personality types are likely to respond differently to ads. I have found the framework expounded by Bryan Eisenberg of FutureNow very useful. It segments buyers into four types: competitive, methodical, sponntaneous and humanistic.

To buy, each needs to have different priorities satisfied. Put simply the Sponntaneous will decide in your favor fast if you assure them you will deliver as promised. The Methodical will try to collect as much information as possible before commiting. The Competitive type will buy if he believes he will outdo others by the purchase. Finally, Humanistic customer will buy if he or she likes you and feel good about you.

This applies to website design and design of the buying process. But it should equally hold for advertising. Analogue probably works for the Humanistic (and of course the Humanistic side in all of us) but a Sponntaneous may respond better to being provided the key assurances he is looking for.

The question then becomes
a. what are the shares of the different types (or rather strength of the traits within people) in the target population,
b. which types will respond to advertising in the given medium (regardless of format).

You would then invest resources where most effective - where you will achieve the most conversions (whatever they are for you).

At Pizza SEO we discuss Unique Selling Proposition in relation to client websites. We advise clients to try to communicate it early on. In some circumstances the USP may be communicated less directly (it does not have to always be a tag line right below your logo in the upper left corner). Associations and relationships can work side by side with a strong USP.

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Most luxurious Times Square New York apartment for Pizza SEO

Times Square; New York City (1)Image by j klo via FlickrParts of Pizza SEO will be visiting New York City in the near future on a reconnaissance and commiseration trip. Finding a place to stay in the Big Apple has proved to be complicated. The one we ended up with is a sizable Times Square apartment in a doorman building. It seems the landlady with a weird name is running some sort of a semi-legal operation - I don't know much about the New York housing scene but as an occasional reader I understand that coop boards and such may not be particularly favorably inclined to Eurotrash flying over to flaunt the euro's strength partying in some of the city's most fashionable residential districts.

The land lady never signs her emails, writes from multiple email accounts and demanded a sizable advance deposit to secure the rental. Watch this space to find out if Pizza SEO will not end up sleeping rough in the streets of New York.

Either way, this trip is not only about entertainment but also about business expansion - gaining a foothold in what once used to be the world's largest market. Currently of course China is a larger market and the rapidly growing Chinese middle class is undoubtedly in need of search engine optimization services. However, find a Baidu specialist in Slovakia has proved to be difficult. All of our potential link builders, student of Chinese language and culture at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University seem to be deployed as assistants to a Chinese accupuncturist serving the nouveaux riche of our illustrious city.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pizza with SEO toppings

So, you like pizza, huh? What about Pizza SEO, that is pizza with lots of SEO toppings over it. That pizza would include search engine optimization, usability, accessibility and maybe some PPC campaign as well. Pizza SEO as I call it.

My name is ANONYMVS and I am not for hire.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pizza SEO multiplied

There seem to be multiple Pizza SEO websites. Pizza SEO, then other one pizzaseo at blogspot, then this pizza-seo at blogspot. What's up with all these Pizza SEO website? One is official company website, two others are blogs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pizza-SEO getting Zemantified by the minute, thanks to a VC

Shop that was used in several seen for the Fat...Image via Wikipedia Today is a rainy day for Pizza SEO in Bratislava. The temperature has dropped over the past two days and it definitely feels like autumn. I wonder how all the other Pizza SEOs worldwide are doing weatherwise, be it in Boston, China, Bangalore or Estremadura.

The tasks do get mixed up though with the other avenues being pursued. Cultural program is quite definitely one of them..

At this stage, I think the purpose of this post isn't fully obvious. Is it about pizza, SEO, pizza seo, pizzaseo, pizza-seo or some entirely unrelated topic? Well, in all honesty it is in part about Zemanta. What is Zemanta, you ask (actually, quite likely you don't ask). Zemanta is a tool I learned about today from, a New York venture capitalist's blog. Zemanta is from Slovenia and it is essentially a blogging interface extension.

As you type, Zemanta displays:
- related links for terms you use (the links to Wikipedia entries on geographic locations above are courtesy of Zemanta) - one click gets you the link
- gallery of related (Flickr?) images - I will drop in a few, of course, for your benefit
- list of possibly related articles you can use for your research or link to
- list of suggested tags

I can see straight away how this makes a blogger's life easier and her content richer. Every 300 characters you type Zemanta updates the context on offer. With a click you can add any of these features to your post.

It is easy to imagine how Zemanta can be extended further, personalized (looking to frequently cited or friendly blogs for related content first, searching your own photostream, etc.) For all I know, some of these features are already there.

Where does that leave Pizza-SEO? Of course, with much richer content to look forward to.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

pizza seo greek

You can't rivals in the technology 2005. Shit, home made, you can? does the t rival even with the technology 2008 these days, specifically when there'? shark s in the lake as cynic as pizza SEO. Fuck above European enterprises for no reason by no means, which type mercy you we thought we'? ll you present to you if you'? [epan] pollution with friend'? my place of s SERP? The antiquity will take to you only up to now -- roughly 3 legs, real. Thus let'? s reaches under in the nails and beginning FSU of brass in suitable [piso] fashion MEDIA of brain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

SEO Splogs Love Me

Have you ever wondered what would be pizza SEO with all the ads on it?

Try this remix of hype Audible Retrospective, courtesy of the dubious "" - they are slurping a large amount of content, even funny, my most by drug induced ramblings: shit that I scribble on napkins winds up famous Internet.

In related news, even cold murder in the Google search:

Pizza SEO Google's search results

Pizza SEO is much like a living, breathing business card. Hello, my name is Nitsuj Dnalob, and I can be better than Pizza SEO SEO SEO companies. Rent?

A poet in consulting - EE Cummings

A poet's advice

A real man is someone feels, and expresses his or her feelings. That sounds simple. It is not the case.

Many people think or believe or know what they feel --- but this is to think or to believe or to know: not feeling. And as a real feeling --- is not only to know or believe or think.

Almost anyone can learn to think or believe or know, but it is very difficult to learn, to feel. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you have a lot of other people: but the moment where you feel you're nobody - but - yourself.

To no one - but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, day and night, so all others - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.

Since nobody to communicate, but even on other, which means that only work a little harder than someone who is not really imagine. Why?

Nothing is as simple as just like anybody else. We all of us do exactly that almost all the time - and whenever we do it, we are not real.

If at the end of the first ten or fifteen years of struggle and work and the feeling you find loved only once, with a nobody-but-yourself heart, you''ll are indeed the best of luck.

And so My advice to all young people who want to be real simple to do something like the dream of freedom - unless you are prepared himself to feel and work and fight until you die.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pizza-SEO must learn from the best or die

Sometimes people who enjoy writing do not get to write quite enough. That has certainly been my case at Pizza SEO. My academic education and professional career went from writing tons of essays through writing news agency articles on a daily basis to writing policy papers. I enjoyed writing and occasionally even received recognition from my peers for writing well.

At Pizza SEO there is less writing (and it shows). I have written templates but that's always a one off and obviously I write emails daily. But I don't blog nearly as often as would be useful in terms of generating fresh, relevant content for our readers (not to mention the search engine spiders).

This is about to change, I have made a decision (or rather was forced into one by the circumstances) to write more. Ideally daily, perhaps at least every other day. It should be good psychohygienically and will hopefully get me back into a writing habit.

Now while this post adds little value to our esteemed reader, there are next to none at the moment. In terms of creating a favorable landscape for reclaiming Pizza SEO's well deserved SERPs.
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