Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasty Pizza of SEO

Tasty pizza full of SEO shit is this stuff we are doing here, man. Pizza SEO is the way to do things. Listen to the music, feel the great taste of this pizza slices and SEO it all over the country.

We are running as fast as we can to stop by later. Then continue, walk, run, stop, drive, bike, whatever, man, this shit is so strong. I can smell it right here, right now. It was supposed to be some Pizza SEO delivery guy, but he didn't show up.

What about those pranks, you've surely seen some, haven't you? Yes, I mean, YouTube, right? Is Youtube full of pizzas? Or was that a Chinese restaurant call prank? Right, it was. But definitely, they should also feast over some pizzas, while we are at it. Add some SEO to that pizza stuff and you got pizza seo toppings.

Sheeet, this is just plain silly, huh? But plain pizza dough is called either pizza bread or if you add the sauce, you got Margherita there.

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