Saturday, September 20, 2008

Most luxurious Times Square New York apartment for Pizza SEO

Times Square; New York City (1)Image by j klo via FlickrParts of Pizza SEO will be visiting New York City in the near future on a reconnaissance and commiseration trip. Finding a place to stay in the Big Apple has proved to be complicated. The one we ended up with is a sizable Times Square apartment in a doorman building. It seems the landlady with a weird name is running some sort of a semi-legal operation - I don't know much about the New York housing scene but as an occasional reader I understand that coop boards and such may not be particularly favorably inclined to Eurotrash flying over to flaunt the euro's strength partying in some of the city's most fashionable residential districts.

The land lady never signs her emails, writes from multiple email accounts and demanded a sizable advance deposit to secure the rental. Watch this space to find out if Pizza SEO will not end up sleeping rough in the streets of New York.

Either way, this trip is not only about entertainment but also about business expansion - gaining a foothold in what once used to be the world's largest market. Currently of course China is a larger market and the rapidly growing Chinese middle class is undoubtedly in need of search engine optimization services. However, find a Baidu specialist in Slovakia has proved to be difficult. All of our potential link builders, student of Chinese language and culture at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University seem to be deployed as assistants to a Chinese accupuncturist serving the nouveaux riche of our illustrious city.
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