Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pizza-SEO getting Zemantified by the minute, thanks to a VC

Shop that was used in several seen for the Fat...Image via Wikipedia Today is a rainy day for Pizza SEO in Bratislava. The temperature has dropped over the past two days and it definitely feels like autumn. I wonder how all the other Pizza SEOs worldwide are doing weatherwise, be it in Boston, China, Bangalore or Estremadura.

The tasks do get mixed up though with the other avenues being pursued. Cultural program is quite definitely one of them..

At this stage, I think the purpose of this post isn't fully obvious. Is it about pizza, SEO, pizza seo, pizzaseo, pizza-seo or some entirely unrelated topic? Well, in all honesty it is in part about Zemanta. What is Zemanta, you ask (actually, quite likely you don't ask). Zemanta is a tool I learned about today from AVC.com, a New York venture capitalist's blog. Zemanta is from Slovenia and it is essentially a blogging interface extension.

As you type, Zemanta displays:
- related links for terms you use (the links to Wikipedia entries on geographic locations above are courtesy of Zemanta) - one click gets you the link
- gallery of related (Flickr?) images - I will drop in a few, of course, for your benefit
- list of possibly related articles you can use for your research or link to
- list of suggested tags

I can see straight away how this makes a blogger's life easier and her content richer. Every 300 characters you type Zemanta updates the context on offer. With a click you can add any of these features to your post.

It is easy to imagine how Zemanta can be extended further, personalized (looking to frequently cited or friendly blogs for related content first, searching your own photostream, etc.) For all I know, some of these features are already there.

Where does that leave Pizza-SEO? Of course, with much richer content to look forward to.

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Zis is Fun said...

Welcome to the Zemanta community :)

Personalization is coming by the end of the week and I'm sure you'll find the new features exciting.

If you have any questions, visit our forums getsatisfaction.com/zemanta or just drop me a mail jure@zemanta.com

Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

Andrej said...

Jure, Thanks for stopping by. I've seen the personalization today, haven't played around with it in detail but can't wait. Will drop you a note when I check it out, for sure.

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