Saturday, September 20, 2008

RECIPE - Pizza with stoplight peppers and champignons ragout

Il pizzaioloImage by Gruppo di lavoro "Il presepe napoletano" via FlickrI will be the first to admit this: it is not original of Pizza-SEO to publish pizza recipes. But still, some people may find them useful.

This recipe comes from my near-vegetarian period in the USA.

I used a ready made pizza crust.

I made the sauce from scratch as follows:
brown finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil, add cooked and peeled tomatos, reduce, flavor with freshly ground black pepper, dried oregano. No salt necessary.

I would top the pizza with a ragout of stop light peppers (three peppers sold in a pack, one green, one yellow, guess the color of the third in comments for a valuable price) and champignons. The ragout was made by roasting the peppers in the oven, peeling and lightly frying with small sliced canned champignons (the cheapest kind imported from China worked) in olive oil.

Top with mozarella a bit into baking so the the cheese does not burn before the crust is crispy (that's how I like my crust).
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