Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SEO, pizza and hypercompetition

You are a writer publicity SEO, jusqu' so that you are ready to accept that the serious projectile hypercompetitive of the key words such as " référencement" , " pizza" and " Britney Spears". If quelqu' one can to you a snowball the largest SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, is without relevance. The fact is that your task is d' to write copy May being stored on SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears. You can connect all your key words hypercompetitive on this list, the rules remain the same ones: jusqu' with a serious attempt to handle the results of a search on the copy most adapted for hyperompetitive as long as key words, SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, are not qualified to express an opinion on a professional level, where That can be made.

Qu' this is which distinguishes the true search engine optimization baiters on the bond and bond manufacturers - people who are too afraid with true Optimization Search Engine, because really do not know - is qu' it will not support a challenge not only because the key words are hypercompetitive. These bonds are always something to see with the search engines. Has only 1/3 years, after which you will need. A copy of this document is of 1/2 of what you will have need (yes, yes, a copy is much more important than the references to the Optimization Search Engine). The others 1/6 of what you have need for Optimization Search Engine is a strategy of SEO. If your strategy is d' to write such an irresistible copy that all the countries are on your " SEO, pizza pie, and of Britney Spears' afterwards, you do not lay out d' a strategy of SEO.

It s' d' acts; a strategy aiming at binding to the beginning and the beginning of l' year under review is d' to optimize search engine. If your strategy is to build thousands of bonds to turn over to their functions to l' text " anchors; SEO, pizza pie, and Britney Spears, " You do not lay out d' a strategy of SEO. It s' d' acts; a strategy for l' establishment of bonds and the bonds, the building is Optimization Search Engine.

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