Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pizza SEO welcomes Justin Boland on board

About time for Justin Boland, the other Pizza SEO to acknowledge that he is neither the ONE, nor one of two, but one of at least three Pizza SEOs (who do not pull their punches).

Indeed, the Slovak usurpers have had to hire additional staff (Andrej Salner) to deal with the onslaught from Justin, a Vermont-based power weirdo. Let us hope Justin's prank does not end up bankrupting the small Slovak SEO company - that would put a premature stop to the international exchange.

It is now clear: there is more to come in the Pizza SEO Wars and it will only get more entertaining.


Thirtyseven said...

Yeah, I had my Google alerts turned off for quite awhile now, since I assumed I'd "won" back in the beginning of 2008. First I saw of this blog was when you helped me out with the PDF link on Pizza SEO -- thanks for that.

Seeing how you interpret me has been very funny! I'm sure it was just as surreal for you guys back when I started.

Andrej said...

Hey, no problem! Glad to be of use.
You're right, when you started we were really dazzled. Your activities later also created problems for us in our home market.
We were supposed to be "fighting" with someone who had nothing to lose.
However, the "Pizza SEO wars" have turned both into a learning experience and a source of genuine fun.
I hope the exchange will continue!

Anonymous said...
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