Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do all Pizza SEOs engage in meme warfare?

This question has come to us from a loyal reader via Twitter Direct Messaging. She wanted to know whether meme warfare is practiced only by a subset of Pizza SEOs or whether anyone who is a Pizza SEO practices some form of meme warfare by default.

Meme warfare is a form of Search Engine Optimization. It is in fact practiced by many SEO practitioners, including Pizza SEOs, although often under different guises. Usually a SEO may offer services in content creation (copywriting) including link bait, which overlap with aspects of memetic warfare. Viral marketing (although a misnomer) is also based on principles of memetics.

Creating content that spreads or helping the spread of content are forms of both SEO and meme warfare. There is one Pizza SEO specialised in this field, feel free to contact us if you would like to engage her services.

You can join her for a beer and a few slices of pizza and see if she can of of help.

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