Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pizza.info for sale through multiforum auction

The importance of domains in search engine marketing has not received the attention it deserves on this blog (for obvious reasons). As an opening into this vast field we offer this piece of domaining intelligence:

The domain PIZZA.INFO has gone on sale on November 24 through a multi-forum auction (see the thread at DNforum).

This domain could be used for a multitude of purposes:
- a directory of pizza restaurants, parlors, delivery services, etc.
- a portal on pizza
- pizza recipes
- a whole another purpose not directly related to Pizza (Pizza SEO?)

In 2001 the domain reportedly sold for $4,010 (via NP) and in April this year it went for EUR 12,000 on Sedo. There is no telling where the auctions ends up now, though the financial crisis may obviously slow the bidding somewhat.

Pizza.com recently sold for a sum of $2.6 million, which many commentators considered a steal.

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