Sunday, January 4, 2009

URL Shortening Metaservice - a random idea for 2009

How about someone make this app? A URL Shortening services meta site with some of the 100+ existing free services (this is a good start but there are probably many more). Perhaps with a unified interface (i.e. a scraper site).

You feed in a url and 100+ variations appear:
Would you like to visit or does sound better? We even scored a http://½.ws/7 (29 more and 37 can sign up for his).

You could even create looong shortened URL chains - not sure whether there would be any real use may be artistic value.

If you have a crazy idea like this, it's cheaper to make it happen in 2009 so you should really look into it. You can then mash it up with twitter or whatever the application de jour will be, make it send out SMS (before they cancel the 160 character limit).

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