Monday, September 7, 2009

A house in Europe for $10,000

The Danube on the Road to ViennaImage by bill barber (very sporadic) via Flickr

Can you get a house in Europe for under $10k??? Sure you can! In much of former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia and the rest of east and central Europe can you find houses for double-digit dollar figures.

This is true in many rural areas.

Can Pizza SEO help find a property in Europe?
Sorry, no. At least not at this time (as of time of writing).

Can you assist with real estate and legal aspects?
Again, no.

How much can I expect real estate value in Central Europe and Eastern Europe to increase in the next year or two?
Hard to tell at this stage. Past returns do not guarantee future performance and vice versa.

Is there a contact person for North America?
We value the Slovak communities and their friends in both the USA and Canada. We extend our greetings across the ocean. At the moment we do not have a dedicated contact but feel free to contact us at our regular coordinates.

How often is this information updated?
Only ocasionally. Last updated less than 2 weeks ago.

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