Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pizza SEO is darned important

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Pizza SEO is now even more important than before since search marketing is Domino's Pizza's most powerful acquisition channel in Europe. Robin Auld, Domino's marketing director in the UK tells Marketing Direct (via johnon.com):
In terms of acquisition I would have to say search marketing online – we do pay-per-click (PPC) and also search engine optimisation as well. People go to Google and search for pizza so it’s important that Domino’s is up there.
Moreover, he says Domino's has been cruising unscathed through the recession so far as people trade down to pizza delivery (with their own wine, presumably) from meals out at restaurants.

Although he does not say explicitly, he points to how meaningful "day-parting" can be in all of Domino's marketing channels: TV and door-dropped menus heavy towards the end of the week, when people are at home "thinking pizza".

Domino's segments customers by behaviour (e.g. hardcore loyals) rather than by "artificial" criteria such as age or location. They track ordering behaviour by phone number.
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